Airbrush Makeup on your Wedding Day.


Article by Marina Melnikova
Photo Credit: Marina Melnikova

I’m asked the question time and again when I meet with brides for their makeup trials; should I choose airbrush or traditional makeup? There are countless benefits to choosing airbrush over regular makeup, but, especially for brides, here are the most important:


1 :: It finishes flawlessly. While they take amazing photographs, HD cameras reveal every imperfection. Airbrush makeup covers without streaking or caking, which is why top celebrities and their makeup artists always choose it over traditional coverage for the red carpet. 

2 :: It lasts up to 16 hours. Yes, really. It withstands heat, humidity, and, best of all, it’s waterproof so you’re safe to tear up during your vows.

3 :: It best achieves a natural look. With airbrush makeup, a thin, even layer of makeup covers the skin, resulting in a smooth and even appearance. Your makeup artist is still able to mix foundation colors to achieve the perfect blend to match your actual skin tone, but with the added benefit of a natural looking finish. 

4 :: The application process is faster than traditional makeup.  When applying airbrush makeup, your makeup artist will insert a small amount of makeup into the airbrush machine and apply an even mist over your face. In mere minutes you open your eyes to a flawless finish. 

5 :: It’s hypoallergenic and fragrance free, so it’s particularly kind to those with sensitive skin. Because no one wants to worry about breaking out on their big day!

Above all, it’s important to hire well-trained, certified makeup artists when choosing airbrush makeup. The quality of your application may vary under a less experienced hand. Use the tools that are available to you to screen makeup artists; Instagram and Pinterest are great social platforms that makeup artists use to showcase their best work and, best of all, they’re free for you to use! 

As you’ll find out in your research, airbrush makeup does cost more than traditional application methods. But brides who choose it always say that the extra dollars are worth it – and at the end of the day, it’s their opinion that matters the most.